Tips to help your kiddo get a good night’s sleep

I’m sure many of you moms and dads have had sleepless night with your children waking up endlessly. I know I have! I want to share some helpful tips that have been a blessing in my life!

  1. Bedtime routine – I found that setting up a set routine helped my daughter fall asleep easily. She has learnt that after dinner, we bath, dress in our PJ’s and follow with a bedtime story and sleep. Because we do this 90% of the time, its expected and she does not argue with me.
  2. Feeling Safe – My daughter loves to sleep with her night light on. She can then see when she has small wakeful moments and it makes her feel secure. The nightlights I sell also serve as a night time guardian, ensuring she feels comfortable and not alone.
  3. Red light emissions – This is scientifically proven to promote a restful sleep as it supports the production of melatonin which is the sleep hormone. Our night lights have a red light setting.
  4. Don’t over eat – Try stay away from kiddies snacking and drinking too much before bed. We want our food digested and no need for waking up to go to loo in the middle of the night.
  5. Cool dark room – My daughter sleeps better when snuggled in her blanket. I try to keep the room somewhat cool to enable the perfect amount of blanket snuggling. Somehow she still kicks off her blanket and ends up sleeping with her head at the foot of the bed 🙂

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