Sleep cozy with our silicon night light. This light is the perfect companion for our kiddies through the night. Our soft cuddly lights help them feel safe and calm during the night.

They are fun to use for story-time, night time wees, camping and sleepovers at granny and grandpa


  • Tap to change colours
    • 1st Tap: Rainbow mode
    • 2nd Tap Choose colour and stay on
    • 3rd Tap Off
    • 4th Tap Warm yellow light circulation
  • Rechargeable. 8-10 hours of use before next charge
  • Portable
  • Child safe – non-toxic
  • Washable soft silicone design
  • No heat, low power LED’s
  • Does not come with a remote

Dimensions: 101 x 120 x 173 (mm)

What is included:

  • Your portable nightlight 
  • USB Cable

*Please allow 3-5 days for delivery

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Availability: 6 in stock

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